Chinese Health Officials Horrified After Discovering Man in Body Bag Was Still Alive

Chinese Health Officials Horrified After Discovering Man in Body Bag Was Still Alive

Horrifying Video Shows Health Officials Performing Unspeakable Act On Elderly Man

( – The Chinese government has Shanghai under lockdown due to COVID-19. The country has taken a rigorous stance on controlling outbreaks of the virus, which is causing a lot of strain on officials. An example of how stressful and chaotic the situation has been within that district was when mortuary workers began to take away a body bag containing a man who was still alive.

The BBC reported on a video posted on May 1 that showed the whole incident. The workers grabbed the bag and began loading it into a hearse when they noticed something wasn’t right. They opened the bag, and to their horror, discovered the man inside wasn’t dead.

Government officials told the BBC they’re conducting an investigation into the incident. They have already fired four people and revoked the medical license of one doctor. Authorities didn’t release the name of the man but did say the workers took him to the hospital, where he is in stable condition.

The incident outraged people who saw the video. The BBC reported that one viewer noted this situation is a prime example of the “chaos” in the city right now due to COVID-19 protocols. The publication also reported on other evidence that the move to try to eradicate the virus is not working well for the nation. Most other countries have switched their tactics to learning to live with the illness rather than trying to end it.

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