Chinese Police Are Banning Photos of Dog Eating Festival

Chinese Police Are Banning Photos of Dog Eating Festival

Chinese Police Are BANNING These Disturbing Photos

( – The Chinese city of Yulin is infamous for its annual dog-eating festival. Hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs die, slaughtered on the streets in wet markets. Animal rights activists attempting to photograph and document the atrocities find themselves at the mercy of local police, who have banned recording the event.

The Chinese government, after international pressure, removed dogs from the approved livestock list in 2020, after telling activists for years that the festival was winding down, becoming less popular, and would eventually fade out. A representative from an animal rights group working inside China, Push Bear’s Shelter, identified by Breitbart as Bianca, told the outlet that police surrounded the festival but did not enforce the official law of the land. Instead, they confiscated devices and deleted images showing proof of the event.

The festival gained international attention in 2017 when several famous Hollywood figures began vocal campaigns, bringing the issue to the public sphere. The Chinese government responded by banning the event, which clearly didn’t happen. The move, however fictional, seemed to have lessened the public outcry.

Bianca also told Breitbart that the issue isn’t a single festival. It’s a year-round struggle in a country of nearly a billion and a half people. Even though a small percentage of the population consumes dog meat, it still means slaughtering an estimated 10 million dogs annually.

Preventing photos in the modern age seems like a fairly fruitless endeavor. Inevitably, images of the festival made their way to the public realm. Is trying to suppress pictures and information an admission of guilt, or is it a coverup? Either way, China doesn’t seem interested in having the dog meat conversation anymore.

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