Chris Cuomo Accused of Funneling Intel to Brother

( – The Cuomo brothers are making headlines again, and this time it’s Chris who is in a bit of hot water. The disgraced media star allegedly used insider intel in an attempt to provide more assistance to his older brother Andrew than his contract with CNN allows.

Sexual Harassment Accusations Led To Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation

Just months ago, Andrew Cuomo was creating one restriction after another for New Yorkers. He resigned from his position as Governor of New York on August 10, following allegations of sexually harassing at least eleven of his staff members during his three terms in office.

Documents Reveal More About Chris Cuomo’s Involvement

Chris Cuomo, host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” had a responsibility to keep his work and his family separate while assisting the network in giving unbiased updates about the scandal surrounding former New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Recently released documents revealed that Chris’s involvement in assisting his brother went further than CNN was aware of, exposing a conflict of interest which has brought his future with the network into question.

Although it would have been going too far for CNN to attempt to stop the brothers from discussing the scandal at all, the network seems blindsided by the extent of his involvement. According to details contained in these documents, Chris Cuomo was allegedly responsible for improperly using his insider access to the media to search for information on his brother’s accusers. He was then funneling these details to Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide, Melissa DeRosa, for use in his defense.

A series of texts reveal Chris Cuomo sharing details with DeRosa in an attempt to prove that the women were lying. DeRosa, in the same texts, asks Cuomo for his sources. He has also received CCs of emails from his brother’s defense team over the past several months.

As a CNN staff member, Chris Cuomo was not authorized to utilize the network’s confidential information for personal purposes. CNN’s response indicates that the network is not supporting his misuse of information.

CNN’s Response to Chris Cuomo’s Actions

It’s not often that a major mainstream news network takes responsibility for its hosts, but CNN announced on Tuesday that it has indefinitely suspended Chris Cuomo following the release of documents on November 29.  Although “Cuomo Prime Time” covers a wide range of current events and political issues, anchor Chris Cuomo was instructed not to report on topics surrounding current allegations against his brother in order to avoid accusations of favoritism. Chris’s involvement in the scandal surrounding Andrew has proven to be a bit too biased even for CNN.

An anonymous CNN spokesman elaborated on Chris Cuomo’s involvement in contributing unauthorized information to his brother’s scandal, explaining that, “the documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions. When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second. However, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

“Cuomo Prime Time” will temporarily be replaced by a second hour of Anderson Cooper’s segment until more information becomes available surrounding the impact of Chris Cuomo’s actions on the network.

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