Christie Goes After Trump in Latest Ad

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( – Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey and a current candidate in the Republican presidential race, has intensified his criticism of Donald Trump, the former President and current GOP front-runner, in a new advertisement. In this ad, Christie makes a direct and bold declaration, claiming that Trump could lead the country to ruin.

In the 30-second advertisement, Christie, who is seeking to boost his campaign with a strong performance in New Hampshire, addresses the audience directly. He challenges suggestions that he should withdraw from the race, asserting that he is the sole candidate openly labeling Trump as a liar and accusing him of dividing Americans. Christie’s ad is particularly harsh, accusing Trump of inciting a riot on Capitol Hill and asserting that Trump’s self-interest could lead to catastrophic consequences for the country.

This advertisement, which started airing on Thursday, is a key component of a substantial ad campaign in New Hampshire, involving both broadcast and digital media. The campaign plans to release another ad shortly, which will outline Christie’s vision for improving America.

Recent polls, as reported by The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, show Christie with 11 percent support in New Hampshire. This places him third in the state, behind Trump’s 43.7 percent and Nikki Haley’s 26.7 percent, but ahead of Ron DeSantis’s 8.3 percent. Nationally, however, Christie’s support is lower, with just 3.2 percent compared to Trump’s commanding 63.1 percent.

Christie has been a vocal critic of Trump, focusing much of his campaign on challenging the former President. He has also questioned why other GOP candidates have not been more openly opposed to Trump.

In his earlier campaign advertisement, Christie criticized other candidates for attacking each other instead of concentrating on Trump, the leading contender. In that ad, he positioned himself as the only candidate willing to confront Trump directly.

Christie shared his new advertisement on social media, emphasizing the importance of truth-telling. In the ad, he claims that while every Republican leader privately disapproves of Trump, he is the only one speaking out publicly. Christie ends the ad by posing a question to New Hampshire voters, asking them to choose between a liar and someone with the courage to speak the truth.

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