Christopher Wray Feels the Heat, Dodges Questions Regarding Trump Raid

Christopher Wray Feels the Heat, Dodges Questions Regarding Trump Raid

FBI Director UNDER FIRE – He’s Awfully Quiet

( – FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke publicly for the first time since the agency raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. He was at the Omaha, Nebraska, field office to discuss cybersecurity on August 10 when reporters began asking questions. Wray said he couldn’t talk about the incident and refused to say the reason behind the agents’ actions. He expressed concern that the situation could induce a response similar to January 6.

The incident, which occurred on August 8, involved FBI agents with a search warrant entering the Mar-a-Lago residence. Why they were there or what they removed from the home is unclear. Nobody with the Department of Justice (DOJ) has given any statements on the raid or offered any explanation.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also stumbled over questions during her August 9 briefing, stating the administration would not say anything about an ongoing investigation.

Jean-Pierre also noted that President Joe Biden received no advance notice about the operation. Reporters suggested the situation doesn’t reflect well on the commander-in-chief, and some might see it as a political move. Republicans in Congress have stated they will look into the matter if they win the majority in November.

Trump released a statement on his website on August 8, claiming the incident was “prosecutorial misconduct” and saying it was uncalled for because he has always cooperated with government agencies. He said it was a political stunt to try to influence the midterm elections and stop him from running for office in 2024.

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