CIA Director Suspiciously Claims Tech Has Made Spying Harder

( – Modern tech has undoubtedly impacted the government’s spying capabilities, but what this shift might look like largely depends on who you ask. Intelligence officials claim that advanced technology makes their jobs as spies harder, but their reasoning may not exactly be reassuring.

CIA Director Identifies Reasons Smartphones Make Things Harder for Traditional Spies

CIA director William Burns recently discussed the challenges that modern technology have created for traditional spies trying to create false identities for work in other countries. He explained that smartphones, credit card tracing, airport technology, and other tech advances make it much more difficult to cross borders, work, and believably exist in general under a false identity without a standard digital trail. Confirming the use of this digital trail, however, likely had an effect opposite of what Burns was aiming for.

What About the Digital Trail?

Burns may be correct when it comes to a the difficulties associated with spying, but the reasons he used are exactly why some private citizens are concerned. Relatively easy access to ATM records, credit card transactions, and cell phone locations may indeed make it more difficult for a legitimate spy to create a false identity, but also confirms suspicions many of us have had for quite some time about how easy it is becoming for the government to gather this same data on the average citizen.

Is this standard procedure or something Americans should be suspicious of? Doesn’t the government have the type of technology needed to create a digital trail? What do you think? Reply to your email and let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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