CIA Drops Key Intel About Havana Syndrome

CIA Drops Key Intel About Havana Syndrome

( – When diplomats and US government personnel in Havana, Cuba, began suffering mysterious health issues, the government quickly stepped in to find a cause. It eventually labeled the illness “Havana Syndrome” and tasked the CIA with tracking down a cause. The agency recently released its controversial interim findings.

CIA officials say the condition does not appear to be caused by a foreign attack as first suspected. Instead, the CIA claims it can identify reasonable explanations for most cases, such as existing medical conditions, stress, and environmental triggers.

The CIA’s findings have angered victims, who say they still suffer from unexplained symptoms. They feel the agency must continue to probe for a clearer answer; the CIA’s report cannot be the last word.

CIA Director William J. Burns later confirmed this is not the end of the investigation. He said they understand people have had very real symptoms, and the agency has not concluded its inquiry into the matter. The agency continues to review at least two dozen cases that it has yet to explore or explain fully.

Until the release of the CIA’s report, the prevailing theory was that Havana Syndrome stemmed from some kind of energy attack by Russia. People suffering from the condition would experience neurological damage, sometimes with lasting effects, and symptoms would come on suddenly. The first reports were in 2016, and reports continue to roll in even now.

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