CNN Can’t Hold On Much Longer With These Viewer Stats

CNN Can't Hold On Much Longer With These Viewer Stats

( – CNN launched a new premium streaming subscription service, CNN+, on March 29. The service didn’t reach Roku until April 11 and still won’t be found on Android TV. Meanwhile, CNBC reports the daily user numbers are ranking less than 10,000 making things look a bit shaky for the new platform.

Adweek noted the main television platform gets about 773,000 viewers daily, which shows the huge contrast between the two services. Critics wonder if there is enough demand for the CNN+ content to keep it afloat.

While the company hasn’t revealed exact subscriber numbers, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav told CNBC in February that he would consider the platform’s performance before he made decisions about its future. Insiders told CNN there could be the potential to bundle it with other services from the parent company, including HBO Max and Discovery+, which are both popular.

Former CEO Jason Kilar launched the application just before WarnerMedia and Discovery merged, which some observers believe was a rushed move to grab control before the two companies joined. Kilar was optimistic about its performance, saying subscriber numbers exceeded his expectations.

However, his optimism doesn’t seem to be carrying over to the people currently in charge. Axios shared on April 12 that significant cuts are coming to the company, with investments for CNN+ on the chopping block due to low performance.

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