College Athletes Assault Woman in Wheelchair

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( – Two student-athletes from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, are facing criminal charges after a surveillance video from a bar showed them pushing a disabled woman’s wheelchair down the staircase while she had been in the bathroom.

Erie Police has noted that misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and criminal conspiracy to commit criminal mischief have been committed against the two players, lacrosse player Patrick Carrozzi and hockey player Carson Briere.

Carson Briere is the son of Daniel Briere, a former NHL player and interim general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Briere and Carrozzi are also facing charges of disorderly conduct.

In the surveillance video, the two can be seen standing around the empty wheelchair, which was reportedly left at the top of a staircase at Sullivan’s Irish Pub. Its owner, Sydney Benes, had been carried down to the pub’s downstairs bathroom while the wheelchair had been left behind. Briere temporarily sits in the wheelchair before proceeding to push it down the stairs.

After the incident, Briere was kicked out of the bar by a Sullivan employee. As Nate Sanders, the security manager at Sullivan’s stated he had grabbed Briere by the shoulder after seeing him push the wheelchair down and had taken him out of the bar. Briere in his statement stated that he was “deeply sorry” and that he had made a “serious lack of judgment.”

Both of the men have been banned from the pub, they are also on an interim suspension from their teams by Mercyhurst Athletics.

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