College Refuses to Fire Justice Clarence Thomas

College Refuses to Fire Justice Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas FIRING Decision – College Responds!

( – George Washington University (GWU) recently shut down demands to terminate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ teaching position at the school. The justice is an adjunct professor at the institution where he teaches a seminar on constitutional law. According to an email to the GWU community, removing him contradicts the college’s mission.

After the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the school received petitions with thousands of signatures and numerous requests from faculty and students alike to fire Justice Thomas. The email specifically noted disdain among his critics about his belief that the due process doctrine is legally fictitious. On that point, the school clarified that Justice Thomas has been vocally critical of the principle for many years.

The school made sure to mention that it doesn’t support or agree with Thomas’ philosophies. However, as an institute of higher learning, the free exchange of ideas is crucial to its academia. The university cites no reason why Thomas shouldn’t have the same academic autonomy as any other professor.

Calls to cancel the justice’s seminar on constitutional law were also quashed, with the school stating that just as Thomas has the freedom to express his views, attendees will have the opportunity to join or not join the discussion.

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