College Student Makes Life Changing Decision

Photo by Heather Suggitt on Unsplash

A college student in Texas has gone viral after he tried to adopt a baby he found in the trash in his home in Haiti.

Jimmy Amisial, 27, was a Texas State University student in 2017 when he went to visit his family in Haiti for the new year. It was during this trip that he found now 4-year-old Emilio Angel Jeremiah, in a pile of trash near his home. At the time the baby was only four months old.

As Amisial has recalled, he could hear the baby crying and see that he was naked with fire ants all over him. No one was willing to help the baby because people were convinced that he had been cursed and that the devil was trying to get them.

Amisial who in the past had volunteered at orphanages in Haiti did not hesitate to take the baby to his home though.

When Haitian officers and a judge came to visit Amisial’s family home, they had asked the then 22-year-old if was willing to become the baby’s legal guardian.

Amisial said yes, despite not knowing how he would be able to financially take care of the child. During this time he took time off school to support both Emilio and his mother who was taking care of the child in Haiti.

As Amisial has said the adoption process in his country is very expensive but that has not drowned his belief that he has made the right choice. Amisial started a fundraiser for the adoption which helped him raise more than $60,000 for Emilio’s adoption expenses. He hopes to be able to bring Emilio to the United States in the future.


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