Communists Burn American Flags Outside of Concert

Photo by Anthony Shane on Unsplash

( – On Saturday night, communist revolutionaries burned several American flags in an attempt to raise awareness of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom). The incident took place outside a Jason Aldean concert in Chicago and was captured on video.

Revcom is supporting the idea that a Marxist revolution is necessary in the United States, and has claimed that the country is the “belly of the beast.” Activists from Revcom burned the American flags during the concern before law enforcement declared that the group’s activities were part of an “unlawful assembly” and that their actions had “alarmed and disturbed others.”

On their website, Revcom noted that they take responsibility for leading the communist revolution in the country and that their revolution is ultimately looking to bring communism to the country. The group also praises Mao for his Cultural Revolution and his “scientific method.”

The protesters made reference to Aldean’s song “Try That In a Small Town” which has received a lot of criticism. Some members of the group that burned the American flags argued that they had done it in a small town.

The song was released in May with the music video having been released on July 14. Many critics have blasted the song for its video and lyrics arguing that the message it is promoting was critical to the Black Lives Matter riots. The backlash allowed the song to climb to No. 1 on iTunes.

Aldean, in response to the criticism, pointed out that he had been accused of putting out a song that was pr-lynching, but that these accusations were “meritless” and more importantly “dangerous.”

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