Congress Member and Three Others Killed in Horrific Car Crash

Congress Member and Three Others Killed in Horrific Car Crash

Congresswoman and Three Others DEAD in Horrific Car Crash

( – The death of a sitting member of Congress doesn’t happen often. So, it came as a shock when news broke on August 3 that Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) had died in an auto accident. Officials continue to investigate the details of the crash, which occurred on State Route 19 in Elkhart County, Indiana.

The local sheriff’s office said initial indications showed the incident was a result of the other vehicle’s driver, Edith Schmucker. She crossed the centerline and hit Walorski’s SUV. But on August 4, officials clarified after further review that the representative’s car had left its lane first.

The accident also resulted in the deaths of Schmucker and two of the congresswoman’s staffers, Zachery Potts, who was driving at the time, and Emma Thomson. The occupants of both vehicles were wearing seatbelts.

As word spread, Walorski’s colleagues posted tributes on social media. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) spoke of her bright personality.

But, perhaps, it was fellow Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) who provided the most insight into the congresswoman.

Jackie Walorski took office in 2012, serving on the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Ethics Committee. The representative also served three terms in the Indiana government. She was born in the state and considered herself a proud Hoosier.

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