Congress Puts Funding for Russian Labs in Crosshairs

Congress Puts Funding for Russian Labs in Crosshairs

( – The US funds four laboratories in Russia, which is not sitting well with some members of Congress. After uncovering reports that the labs conducted brutal experiments on cats, the lawmakers want to move quickly to shut off the financing. Representative Lis McClain (R-MI) leads the charge to halt the operations.

McClain and five other members of Congress signed a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to target the laboratories with sanctions. The missive notes the Pavlov Institute’s horrific study with felines called “Rostrocaudal Distribution of the C-Fos-Immunopositive Spinal Network Defined by Muscle Activity during Locomotion.” The funding for the project ends on May 31, 2022, but due to the current situation in Ukraine and the tragic nature of the experiments, it should end now.

The Congress members note the US has a habit of using taxpayer money to fund “cruel and wasteful animal research and testing” in hostile countries. They also found it upsetting to discover the work continuing in Russia despite the current conditions and requested the US cease sending money to these institutions.

The funding to the labs comes from the National Institutes of Health, which also has had issues due to its connections to Chinese labs. Should taxpayers have to provide money for such controversial uses? And why is the White House continuing to send funds for anything in Russia right now?

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