Congressman Tells FBI to Explain Audit

Congressman Tells FBI to Explain Audit

( – Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is calling for answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray. A 2019 internal audit showed the agency isn’t following its own surveillance protocols. Jordan and two other congressmen sent a letter to Fray on March 21 requesting to view the audit fully without redactions.

The representative from Ohio, along with Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA), want to look into reports that the audit showed at least 747 policy violations in 18 months during investigations of news media, candidates, religious groups, politicians, and other prominent individuals. The representatives point to this as evidence of a pattern of behavior that requires further scrutiny and suggests it could be a matter of bad management or misconduct.

Jordan said the issues are not something to sweep under the rug. If the FBI cannot follow its own rules, there is a significant issue within the Department of Justice.

Newsweek received a statement from the FBI, which said the audit was to look at compliance. The agency noted the number of issues was not acceptable but explained internal changes, including training, took place to address them. The statement concluded that the FBI remains committed to adhering to internal policies and rules.

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