Conservative Education Enters U.S. School System

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( – On Tuesday, Oklahoma announced that they would be letting materials from PragerU, a conservative education platform, be taught in public schools in the state. Earlier this summer Florida had announced the same thing.

The public instruction state superintendent Ryan Walters stated that he was “thrilled” about the partnership with the platform that was first created in 2009 by Allen Estrin and Dennis Prager. In his statement, he noted that this decision would allow them to expand the available resources for students and would help ensure that students would have access to high-quality materials that are focused on U.S. history and values.

He proceeded to claim that the resources would be available to both students and teachers and that they would collaborate with PragerU for the creation of content that would further help enrich the education received by students in the state.

Republicans have often promoted PragerU, which includes short videos about important topics. The platform has also been considered a “free alternative” to the left-wing ideology that has infiltrated education and culture.

The most popular five-minute videos on the platform cover topics such as “Make Men Masculine Again” and “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” However, those who have criticized the platform have argued that it spreads misinformation about several issues and matters, including climate change.

In one of their videos, they state that while kids are being taught that they need to fight against climate change they are not taught about what reducing emissions will cost.

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