Conservative Newspaper Backstabs Trump

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Conservative Newspaper Backstabs Trump

The New York Post, which is apparently one of Donald Trump’s “favorite newspapers” according to a previous statement, has criticized the former President after the results of the midterm election started being clearer.

While not all election results have been called for, the New York Post posted a photo of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his family on their front page. They called him “DeFuture” in the photo. It seems more and more people believe he could be the future of the Republican Party.

The publication also spoke about how DeSantis managed to bring in an incredible victory in Florida.

DeSantis’ performance and state was one of the few good spots of the election for Republicans. The governor managed to secure his win with a 19-point margin. He also won with only one percent less than he had had in 2018. More importantly, DeSantis managed to flip Miami-Dade, an area that is majority Hispanic. This area is going to be having a GOP representative for the first time in close to two decades.

Even before these results, DeSantis had often been considered one of the most likely candidates to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. However, DeSantis still does not have everyone’s support with Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene pleading last week for DeSantis to not run as the party needed Trump to gain control of the White House once again.

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