Cops Find a Fully Automatic Ghost Gun in Man’s Car, Furthering Gun Control Concerns

Cops Find a Fully Automatic Ghost Gun in Man's Car, Furthering Gun Control Concerns

Arrest ISSUED – Ghost Gun Found!

( – A 21-year-old man from Santa Clara, California, made the mistake of burning donuts on a city street, prompting a traffic stop that quickly became something far more serious. After cops took Luis Angel Varela into custody for driving with a suspended license, they found his 9mm polymer ghost gun. The weapon has automatic firing capabilities and a 30-round magazine, essentially turning it into a high-capacity machine gun. Strict firearms control laws in California forbid everything about Varela’s firearm, saddling him with a multitude of felonies to add to his misdemeanor driving infraction.

What is a Ghost Gun?

Ghost guns are nearly completed frames and receivers incapable of use without a little bit of work. Only finished pieces fall under the purview of federal regulations. These weapons require very little time or skill to complete and, until recently, were readily available both online and at targeted shows. Because they aren’t point-and-shoot registered firearms, they come without serial numbers, making them far more difficult to trace when used in a crime.

Criminals, therefore, were far more likely to obtain this newer class of weapon, which required no background checks or registration of any kind. The products are available in both Glock 9mm and AR15-style packages.

A White House fact sheet on the topic says more than 20,000 untraceable firearms showed up at crime scenes last year, creating a nightmare for law enforcement. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms issued a rule banning the sale of the guns, which Congress is working towards codifying the prohibition into law.

A Bipartisan Issue

The US House of Representatives recently passed a sweeping gun control measure that would ban the sale of these unidentifiable packages. Five Republicans broke ranks and joined Democrats to push the legislation to the Senate, where it needs 60 votes to make it to President Joe Biden’s desk.

The bill gained support from both sides of the aisle by avoiding a complete ban on AR15-style rifles and, instead, raising the minimum age requirements for purchasing such weapons from 18 to 21. That particular line item is an obvious response to the two recent high-profile shootings by young men who obtained semi-automatic long guns shortly after reaching legal age.

In 2021, Data For Progress published a study showing nearly three-quarters of Americans in favor of regulating ghost guns. That number is contrary to most related issues, which typically follow a more partisan divide. While 7 out of 10 Democrats favor more regulation, only 23% of Republicans are in agreement.

The survey showed fewer than half of Americans agree with stricter arms control measures.

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