Costco Shocked by How Quickly They’ve Sold Out of This Item

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( – On the Costco website, Costco members are able to buy one-ounce gold bars that have been selling out the minute they become available online.

Costco’s chief financial officer Richard Galanti noted during a call with investors that he has received calls from customers who have noticed the sale of the bars on the website. He added that typically the bars are sold out within hours and each member is only allowed to buy up to two bars.

The bars are often by two different companies, Rand Refinery, a South African brand, and PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan, a Swiss brand. The two are similarly priced with the 24-karat bar costing $1,949.99 when purchased from Rand Refinery and $1,979.99 when purchased from PAMP Suisse. Members who have bought the bars have given both of them a 4.9 stars average rating according to

One reviewer specifically wrote for the PAMP Suisse bar that they could not have been happier with the investment they made and that the bar was in excellent condition and arrived in secured packaging. They added that they would recommend the bar to anyone who was looking to buy high-quality gold bars.

Reviewers have also pointed out that the small bars have an intricate design and are of incredible quality. One reviewer also pointed out that the Costco offering was a great deal.

That same reviewer added that the Veriscan technology used was what set the product apart as buyers are able to verify the quality and legitimacy of the product. They added that this was particularly important as there is a high number of counterfeit items currently on the market.

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