COVID and Mosquitoes – The Bizarre Relationship We Can’t Ignore

(FeaturedNews) – COVID-19 may be the dominant illness making headlines these days, but that does not mean it is the only one we should be concerned about. Mosquitoes are known for causing a variety of diseases, and they can indirectly cause exposure to COVID-19.

Mosquitoes Can Contribute to COVID-19

Malaria, dengue, and other diseases that are commonly spread by mosquitoes can weaken patients’ immune systems and lead to hospitalization, which can expose patients to secondary illnesses. Certain parts of the world that are most prone to disease-causing mosquitoes also tend to have less-developed hospital infrastructure and less strict sanitation guidelines, especially rural neighborhoods in developing countries. Combining the effects of malaria or other diseases that are linked to mosquitoes on the body with being placed in close quarters with COVID-19 patients in hospitals with lower sanitation standards can significantly increase their likelihood of exposure to COVID-19.

Controlling COVID-19 Requires Not Ignoring Other Medical Concerns

Considering how other health concerns can increase the likelihood of developing COVID-19 is often more helpful than focusing only on attempting to prevent the spread of COVID-19 itself. Investing more resources into keeping patients out of the hospital for other reasons, rather than taking away those resources in order to funnel more into testing and other areas that are directly related to COVID-19, can be a more well-rounded approach to improving overall health to minimize one common source of exposure to the disease. A more aggressive approach to preventing malaria, for example, may be an important step in preventing COVID-19 in areas where malaria frequently leads to hospitalization.

Similarly, promoting healthy eating, fitness, and other basic healthy habits can go a long way toward boosting overall health, which can make patients less likely to develop COVID-19 in the first place and better able to fight it on their own if they do develop symptoms. Successfully controlling COVID-19 requires taking a more holistic approach to overall health than relying on the specific government policies that have been implemented over the past year and a half.

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