Criminals Are Getting Smarter — You Need to, too!

Criminals Are Getting Smarter -- You Need to, too!

( – Criminals nowadays seem to be one step ahead of the game. Rather than targeting small paydays, they gather all the information they can and assume your identity. They can then empty your bank accounts and rack up credit card debt in your name.

Keep reading for some tips on staying safe from this kind of crime.

Monitor Credit Reports Frequently

One of the first ways you might hear of someone stealing your identity is through your credit report. It may show accounts you’ve never opened, or contain details of inquiries you’re unaware of. If you get your credit monitored, you can set up notifications for any updates or changes made to your accounts.

Keep Credit Cards Safe

Credit cards are often easy for a hacker or scammer to access. They can obtain your numbers and data while you’re making online transactions by using special software. One way to keep your information secure is to use a digital wallet. This is an app into which you enter all of your credit card information; it keeps this data safe. Each transaction is encrypted and tokenized to prevent others from stealing numbers and passwords.

Shred Documents With Personal Info

Do you throw new credit card offers or old bills into the trash? If so, you may be giving hackers a way to get their hands on your personal financial information. Some criminals dig through trash to access sensitive information and use it to steal your identity. Invest in a shredder to minimize the risk of anyone seeing your credit statements.

Be in the Know About Scams

There are thousands of identity theft professionals that study the latest trends in cybersecurity (and new ways to bypass it). Staying informed about the latest scams (like child identity and synthetic identity theft) is a good idea. When you’re armed with the facts, you are less likely to fall prey to criminals.

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