Critics Erupt After Cameras Installed in Elementary Schools

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( – Elementary schools in Georgia are going to have security cameras installed by spring. Effingham County Georgia has announced that every single classroom in the county’s high schools is going to have security cameras installed. The process is going to require $2 million. Following the installation of cameras in high schools, cameras will also be installed in middle schools.

Yancy Ford, the Effingham County School Board Superintendent noted that this was part of the latest “safety initiatives” introduced in the county. He added that this will also act as a chance to “highlight exemplary teachers.”

Republicans in Florida and Iowa first introduced legislation in 2022 that was pushing for the installation of video cameras in classrooms. Many supporters have claimed that this is going to increase the parent’s role. However, critics of the rule have claimed that this is an attempt to monitor and “spy” on teachers, as well as for parents to check what their children are being taught.

Ford stated while talking with WTOC-TV that the cameras were part of a general attempt to tighten security. He added that after checking the current safety initiatives they decided that the county needed to allocate further resources to increase the security measures in classrooms in the district.

He added that as they continued to examine ways in which they could help support students and teachers safety they determined that cameras would be the best step. He added that there were already cameras installed in all of the common areas of the schools.

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