Cruise Ship Diverted After US Issues Arrest Warrant For the Ship

Cruise Ship Diverted After US Issues Arrest Warrant For the Ship

( – A cruise ship named Crystal Symphony originally intended to dock in Miami, Florida, on January 22. But, in a surprising turn of events, the boat turned tail just off of the coast and sped toward the Bahamas instead. The curious diversion inspired speculation until reports revealed the true reason for the shift.

A Miami judge allegedly issued a warrant allowing officials to seize and liquidate the Crystal Symphony the moment it entered US waters.

Operated by Crystal Cruises, the Crystal Symphony sits at the heart of ongoing litigation against the company. Parent company Genting Hong Kong Ltd continues to struggle financially in the wake of the pandemic.

Crystal Cruises currently owes Peninsula Petroleum Far East nearly $4.6 million in unpaid fuel bills. The company’s attorney, J. Stephen Simms, said Genting Hong Kong filed for provisional liquidation of the ship on January 19.

According to Simms, the cruise company provided accommodations for stranded crew members and passengers. It also ensured they had access to transportation options, such as airports or ferries, to return home. Crystal Cruises President Jack Anderson suspended all operations until at least April in response to the company’s ongoing financial hardships.

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