Cute Instagram Account Draws Mass Attention

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Cute Instagram Account Draws Mass Attention

Chris Judge, a 46-year-old illustrator, took to a new hobby during the pandemic that he started sharing on Instagram. He would take photos of the clouds and make fun little doodle faces on the shapes he can see.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Judge said that while they were following the stay-at-home orders in their home in Dublin, his daughter would often go to the garden in order to spend some time outside. While out, the two would take many photos. He added that the first time he took a photo was after he saw some pinkish clouds that to him looked like a monkey and a bear. After taking the photo he drew some simple faces with pencil lines and posted them on social media. The response was so great that he started making these little doodles every day.

His account @adailycloud has over 350,000 followers, one of whom is Jennifer Garner. He also has a children’s book said to be released on Oct. 6 in the U.K. and in April 2023 in the U.S. The book is a collaboration with author Eoin Colfer, and it is called Cloud Babies.

Judge said that he is really “astonished” by the response to the project. He also said that he is always getting his creative juices flowing by trying new stories, but A Daily Cloud seems to be the one project of his that has really resonated with people online.

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