Dangerous Park Attraction Injuring Tourists

Photo by Luiz Guimaraes on Unsplash

Dangerous Park Attraction Injuring Tourists

A new viral video has made its way out of Michigan. The video shows a giant slide, which could be a hazard for those sliding down due to the speed riders incurred. The media attention also caused the slide to shut down for a time before being reopened.

The Giant slide which is close to Belle Isle Park closed on Friday only a few hours before it was supposed to open. The reason for its shutting down was noted to be the speed concerns that were raised after a video was posted on Facebook.

Their post read “Hello Giant Slide participants. We’re closed. We are going to make adjustments to the speed that we have seen users coming down. Hopefully, after our adjustment, we’ll be running again and the slide will be slower for better enjoyment. We will update our hours of operation as soon as possible.”

However, this did not lead to its closing for a long period. Shortly after, it was noted in a different post that they had scrubbed down the slide and used a bit of water to limit the speed. There was also a video on how to properly use this slide posted.

So far, the post notes that things have been going well. Detroit rapper GMAC Cash posted on Instagram a short rap about the Giant Slide talking about how you can break your back or even lose a tooth while going down.

So far, there have been no injuries reported from the site.

The Giant slide has been in Detroit for 55 years and according to the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, it is a partnership between the Summer Youth Employment Program and Healthy Kidz Inc.


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