Daughters Keep Sweet Tradition Alive for Aging Father

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Daughters Keep Sweet Tradition Alive for Aging Father

When she was only eight years old, Kim Carey created a crown for her dad Ray Ronchetti on his then-32nd birthday. Her little sister Gina Chandler also assisted with creating the birthday item.

For close to 50 years this tradition has been going strong, and on his recent 80th birthday, Ray received another crown from his daughters. Carey noted that while she knew the tradition might seem silly, both her father and his grandchildren would be upset to see him celebrate his birthday and eat his cake without a crown. Carey also added that her father loves being surprised with a new crown every year.

The crown is still created by the two sisters, who take months to collaborate on what to create. Every year, they have chosen a different theme for it. One year was the Packers Super Bowl topper, another the Olympics. Others was dedicated to their father’s saying, and another was with Hershey’s kisses. That last one was particularly heavy so it did not seem to stay in place. Regardless of what it is though, her father is always with his crown on his birthday dinner.

Even in 2021, during COVID-19, Carey managed to leave a crown on her father’s door. This particular crown was used during their zoom celebration. From what Carey says, this is a tradition that they have no intention of leaving behind them.

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