Deadly Helicopter Crash in Russia Led to Multiple People Being Eaten by Bears

Deadly Helicopter Crash in Russia Led to Multiple People Being Eaten by a Bear

Deadly Helicopter CRASH – They Were Eaten to Death?!

( – Kamchatka Territory’s Governor Vladimir Solodiv confirmed reports of a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of three people in the eastern Russian region: Igor Malinovskii, a 25-year-old former biathlon star, and business leaders Zoya Kaygorodova and Sergey Kolesnyak. Malinovskii, who became a pilot after his sports success, was flying the wealthy couple on a helicopter sightseeing trip when the accident occurred.

During the tour, the helicopter’s communications cut out due to weather conditions. Low clouds made for decreased visibility and overall bad flying conditions that day. The aircraft crashed on the Kamchatka peninsula on July 16 and likely caught fire upon impact.

Authorities discovered the crash site on July 17, close to the Uzon volcano. Brown bears had reportedly dragged the bodies away from the wreckage and ate the remains. Human body parts were visible at the site.

Malinovskii won the biathlon world championship five times before he started building an aviation career. He was working for his father, providing tours in Kamchatka. Kaygorodova was a well-known businesswoman who owned a hygiene products company, and Kolesnyak was a Tele2 company executive.

The Kamchatka peninsula is about the size of California, and the area has a dense population of brown bears. These animals don’t usually eat humans, but they will take advantage of whatever food sources are available.

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