Delivery Driver and Dog Go Viral

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

( – Duncan, a Jack Russell terrier, has captured the internet’s heart after a picture begging a delivery driver to play fetch with him went viral.  

Two-year-old Duncan lives in New Jersey with his owner, Michael Crowe, 35, and loves to play fetch.  

Duncan’s love for fetch was so apparent that when he received a notification that his package had been delivered, he noticed Duncan beside the package, gazing longingly at the driver with a tennis ball in his mouth — seemingly asking the delivery person to play a game of fetch.  

Crowe, who also “loves seeing animal and dog posts” online, shared the image to the “Aww” subreddit, a Reddit forum dedicated to all things cute. The adorable photograph received over 4,000 upvotes within hours of posting.  

Since the post has garnered attention, Crowe has explained that his beloved Jack Russell terrier would “carry a ball to anyone he sees,” adding that when he takes Duncan to the dog park, the pup “enjoys fetching” and then carrying the tennis ball “back to strangers” who can’t resist but throw it for him. 

Crowe added that Duncan would do this in “any setting,” roping in his landscaper and sprinkler repairman.  

Crowe highlighted that the perfectly timed snap happened after Duncan had heard the delivery open the gate and ran to his room to get the tennis ball before running onto the deck to start a game of fetch.  

Redditors loved the picture of Duncan, with one user commenting that if Duncan was anything like their dog, the photograph “could have been taken after the ball was thrown a hundred times.”  

Crowe went on to explain that he didn’t want it to appear as though the delivery driver “did anything wrong” because even if he had thrown the ball “99 times” on the 100th go, Duncan would still be using his puppy dog eyes to solicit another throw.

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