Democrat Crime So Bad Retailer Has To Lock Up WHAT?

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( – As California has been dealing with an increase in retail theft, two major retailers have now opted to start locking up undergarments in their stores in the state.

Many retail stores in the country have resulted in locking away certain hygiene, beauty, and cleaning products in the past few years. More recently clothing stores in California have started to employ a similar method in order to avoid the loss of goods due to theft.

Walmart and Target stores in an attempt to prevent the loss of their merchandise in the Bay Area and San Francisco have now resulted in locking up socks and underwear. Many customers are now frustrated by needing to spend more time to acquire the undergarments they were looking to purchase.

In an NBC Bay Area report, it has been highlighted that these attempts to mitigate the loss of products have been noticed by many shoppers who find the new method to be inconvenient.

Shopper Olga Leon, when asked, noted that it has come to the point where they are questioning “how ghetto” it had to be in order for socks and undergarments to be locked up.

Shopper Curtis Edwards similarly argued that he would be very upset if he needed to get the assistance of an employee to purchase socks from the counter.

Two of the Target stores in East Bay have already moved forward with keeping undergarments under lockdown. One customer was reportedly made to wait 10 minutes before they could receive the assistance required by an associate in order to buy boxers.

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