Democrats Looking to Give Biden the Boot

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( – A recent report from CNN suggests that a rising number of influential Democrats and contributors are considering alternate options for the Democratic presidential nominee for 2024, despite President Biden’s declaration to run for re-election. The report points to a perceived lack of substantial campaign activity from Biden’s team as a cause for concern.

Sources close to these key Democrats allegedly conveyed to CNN that Biden’s subdued campaign activity has led them to question if the President is truly committed to a re-election bid, despite his verbal confirmation. They are thus leaving all possibilities open.

However, individuals within the President’s inner circle argue this doubt is another example of underestimating Biden, reminding critics that he was successful in the 2020 Democratic primary and the general election, despite initial skepticism.

CNN’s piece, titled, “Slow pace of Biden’s re-election campaign feeds Democrats’ 2024 anxiety,” highlights the unease Biden’s seemingly lackluster campaign has stirred within his party. The report notes that ongoing discussions are taking place amongst top Democrats and donors exploring other potential presidential candidates.

CNN states that there is a sense of urgency, as some party members believe time is running out and the absence of vibrant campaign activity is a red flag indicating that Biden may not be fully dedicated to the race.

Moreover, Biden’s campaign has been a topic of concern for Democrats in recent months. Apart from low polls that indicate a possible defeat in a re-run against former President Donald Trump, the scarcity of campaign staff and funds since Biden’s re-election announcement has fueled worries among the Democrats.

In contrast, the report also includes the viewpoint of those closely associated with Biden, who dismiss any suggestion that he may withdraw from the race. CNN quotes former Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, praising the often underestimated team behind Biden.

However, the report also points out that critical support seems to be lacking as of now. As an example, CNN mentions that many significant donors have not yet committed their support, and some grassroots fundraising efforts have yielded minimal funds.

Several senior Democratic advisors expressed concern over the slow progression of the campaign, fearing that the advantage Biden holds while Republicans jostle in their primary is not being fully capitalized on.

CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere, who authored the piece, later joined the network to discuss the findings. He reiterated the staunch belief of those within Biden’s close circle that the president can once again overcome the odds, just as he did in the 2020 election.

Dovere also addressed the anxieties surrounding Biden’s campaign, such as insufficient fundraising efforts and the potential return of Trump. These concerns have led some to speculate that Biden might not be genuinely committed to the campaign, fostering a conspiracy theory that he may eventually step back from the race.

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