Democrat Wants To Give Children Voting Access

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( – Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s administration intends to give children the right to vote on budgeting priorities as per a recent report. 

Flynn Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn wrote a letter where he argued that this was a time when they needed more fiscal responsibility as it was a time of uncertainty. He added that it was extremely important for them to show Boston’s taxpayers that they were looking very seriously at their financial responsibilities. As he pointed out, having children be involved in these decisions however would be exhibiting exactly the opposite and it would be something that he considers completely tone-deaf and not serious. He added that for his constituents this would be something entirely inappropriate. 

These recent criticisms come ahead of Boston’s new participatory budgeting process which would give residents the right to vote from the age of 11, as it is aiming to be available to all residents. In 2021 the measure was approved for the first time and in July they are going to be able to move forward with it. 

Councilor Liz Breadon similarly expressed support to have the voter pool expanded. As she pointed out, she believes that this is going to be a great opportunity for people to develop civic engagement and it would hopefully lead to further engagement in the future. 

Wu has in the past faced a lot of criticism for her soft-on-crime approach. She has also been against police using attack dogs, rubber bullets, and even tear gas.

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