Democrats Flip Hard on Migrants

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( – New York City has begun implementing evictions from migrant shelters, enforcing a new policy that restricts certain adult asylum-seekers to a 30-day stay within the shelter system before they are required to find independent housing, as reported by Patch. This rule extends to 60 days for individuals aged 18 to 23. Those needing more time must demonstrate “extenuating circumstances” to qualify for an exemption.

As reported late Wednesday, 192 migrants sought extensions after reaching their time limit, with 118 receiving approvals, according to the office of Mayor Eric Adams. In the upcoming months, it is anticipated that thousands more will face eviction notices.

Mayor Adams, a Democrat, responded to criticism on Tuesday regarding the city’s increasingly stringent shelter rules for migrants, which some have labeled as inhumane and poorly implemented. He argued that the city is unable to provide indefinite housing for migrants.

Since the spring of 2022, New York City has accommodated nearly 200,000 migrants, with over a thousand new arrivals each week. Adams highlighted the ongoing challenge, noting, “People said it’s inhumane to put people out during the wintertime, so now they say it’s inhumane to do it in the summertime. There’s no good time. There’s no good time.”

The city has been at the center of a national debate on illegal immigration as it continues to manage the influx of asylum-seekers since 2022, which has strained municipal budgets. As of March, city hall data revealed that it costs $387 per day to house a single migrant household in taxpayer-funded shelters.

Immigrant rights groups and homeless advocates are closely watching the eviction process, which affects around 15,000 adult migrants. Currently, the city’s shelter system is home to about 65,000 migrants, many of whom are part of families with children.

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