Democrats Announce Insane Move To Fund Illegals

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( – On Thursday, Democratic members of the House and Senate came together to introduce a significant bill aimed at addressing the issue of access to federal benefits for immigrants. The bill proposes a noteworthy change, seeking to eliminate the current requirement for immigrants to wait five years before being eligible for various federal programs including Medicaid, food stamps, and other crucial support systems. This waiting period was established back in 1996 with the passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, during the administration of President Bill Clinton. The act received substantial support, with approval from both the House and Senate by wide margins of 3-to-1.

The bill’s introduction was spearheaded by Representative Pramila Jayapal from Washington, Representative Tony Cardenas from California, and Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii. These Democratic lawmakers argue that the five-year waiting period is arbitrary and imposes unnecessary hurdles on immigrants who are in need of critical benefits and services. They believe that removing this waiting period will help streamline the process and ensure that immigrants have more immediate access to the support they require.

In a statement, Representative Jayapal shared her personal journey as an immigrant who arrived in the United States independently at the age of 16. She expressed her pride in introducing legislation that aims to eliminate what she perceives as a xenophobic obstacle preventing immigrants from accessing vital federal services related to healthcare, nutrition, and other essential public benefits. Senator Hirono echoed these sentiments, highlighting that for over two and a half decades, countless law-abiding immigrants have been unjustly denied access to significant economic support and assistance due to these regulations.

It is worth noting that the introduction of this bill comes at a time when the Biden administration has faced criticism from Republicans regarding its handling of the situation at the southern border. There has been a significant increase in the number of unauthorized border crossings, and Republicans have raised concerns about border security and immigration policies. However, the Democrats behind this bill argue that it is essential to separate the issue of immigration enforcement from the need to ensure equitable access to necessary benefits and services for immigrants who are already in the country.

By presenting this bill, Democratic lawmakers are aiming to address what they perceive as an unjust barrier and improve the overall well-being of immigrants. They argue that removing the waiting period will help promote inclusivity and provide timely support to individuals and families in need. The bill’s introduction sets the stage for further debates and discussions among lawmakers, as they seek to find common ground and enact policies that align with their respective visions for immigration and social welfare in the United States.

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