Democrats Look To Give Who the Right to Vote?

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( – Earlier this month, progressive state Sen. Melanie Scheible introduced Nevada State Senate Bill 162, which would require polling stations to be set up across county and city jails in order for eligible prisoners who are registered to vote to be able to cast their in-person ballot on the day of the election. However, the bill has been heavily criticized as it would require both city and county jails to open on-site polling locations to accommodate the prisoners incarcerated there.

U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev, told Fox News Digital that it was good to have people from the Democratic side recognize the importance of in-voting. However, he continued by noting that Nevada as a state focused on mail-in voting before the 2020 presidential election. He added that in Nevada “that’s still the law” and that there is no chance that incarcerated people are not getting mail.

He added that he did not believe that this law was actually about voting, as those prisoners are able to use the mail-in voting system. He continued that this law would also not have a large effect on voter turnout and that the bill was only a “messaging bill” used to appease progressives.

Fox News contributor and host Jason Chaffetz, who is a former Republican representative from Utah and the former chair of the House Oversight Committee until 2017, said that this bill simply shows that Democrats are focused on “lawlessness” over law enforcement. He added that victims should be the ones prioritized and that those who have “done something heinous enough to be in jail” should not have the right to vote.

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