Democrats Now Paying Migrants’ Rent

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( – Maine state authorities have reportedly started to cover migrants’ rent in one coastal city.

The National Desk (TND) in their recent report noted that the state had budgeted close to $3.5 million which would be used in Brunswick for 60 migrant families to have their rent covered for the next two years. The money used for this fund has been taken from the $55 million Emergency Housing Relief Fund, which has provided immigrants with transitional, emergency, and even permanent housing.

The program is being led by the Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA), and it includes paying rent for asylum seekers. As Dan Brennan, the executive director of MSHA pointed out, there were thousands of people who wanted to come to Maine and establish themselves there, which is why they were doing everything in their power to assist in this situation.

The Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS) are also providing $100,000 which will be used to provide assistance with work authorization and asylum applications to dozens of migrants in South Portland, Lewiston, and Brunswick.

The Brunswick apartment units are going to be used as housing for migrants who are waiting to receive work permits.

The Joint Select Committee on Housing has noted that through this program family members would be able to support one another in order to “achieve long-term stability.”

Five buildings with a total of 60 new apartment units are going to be built as part of this project. A Nigerian woman, Esther, has noted that in hotels there are regulations while in shelters there are so many people all of whom are working together and sharing a kitchen and restroom.

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