Democrats Ready to Take Trump to Court

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Democrats Ready to Take Trump to Court

Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer has said that the Democrats were willing to head to court to make former President Donald Trump testify in the House of Representatives Select Committee’s investigation. The investigation and public hearings are all related to the January 6 Capitol attack.

Hoyer said in an interview with Reverend Al Sharpton during an MSNBC show that Trump was going to face the same treatment as all other citizens who refuse to testify.

The Select Committee also unanimously voted for a subpoena to be issued calling for Trump to testify under oath. Trump does have the option of going to court to fight the subpoena.

Sharpton told Hoyer that according to Adam Kinzinger and Stephanie Murphy, members of the committee, the committee has not yet decided what they would do if Donald Trump does not comply.

Sharpton asked what the Democrats could do if Trump waits until the Congress expires in November, with the hope that Republicans would be able to win the midterm elections.

Hoyer said that that would complicate things, but if it came to it, they could take him to court and have him ordered to testify. He added that Donald Trump, much like every other former President, is not above the law.

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