DeSantis Becomes Media’s Top Enemy

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DeSantis Becomes Media’s Top Enemy

DeSantis is now facing a new attack by the press. This attack by the media resembles the one faced by several Republicans including former President Donald Trump, who many view as one of the potential rivals for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

DeSantis has been facing many punches from the media following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. During an interview with the conservative website Florida Voice, DeSantis was asked if he thought the press should be held accountable for saying that the storm was going to hit the Tampa area.

Before the storm reached Florida, it shifted and Fort Myers took the main hit. This led to a delay in the issuing of evacuation orders in many areas, including Lee County. However, DeSantis has defended the decisions made by local communities.

In a previous Florida Voice interview, DeSantis also said that the press was rooting for Tampa to be stricken first by the hurricane. He said that this is because the national media believed that if Tampa was hit it would be overall worse for Florida.

DeSantis also added that the media don’t care about Florida or the communities in the state, instead, all they are looking for is ways to advance their agenda. They also don’t care about the lives of the people.

Bryan Griffin, a spokesman for DeSantis, also echoed the governor’s words during a statement to the Hill.

These are some of the direct and toughest comments that DeSantis has ever made toward the press.

Previously during an interview with CNN DeSantis had also responded to questions about why Lee County was not evacuated earlier with the comment that the media were also not in Lee County, but rather in Tampa.

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