Details Emerge in Wake of Tragic Shooting at Des Moines School

Details Emerge in Wake of Tragic Shooting at Des Moines School

( – Last week, a shooting outside a high school in Des Moines, Iowa, left a teenage boy dead and two teenage girls wounded. New details in the case, including a private security camera that captured critical evidence of the shooting, shed light on exactly what happened for detectives. The officers who viewed the footage said they were immediately familiar with the vehicles, and six suspects were quickly taken into custody.

The deceased victim was with a group of five or six people when three vehicles drove past them. The cars then came back around close together, drove by slowly, and the occupants, all teenagers between 14 and 17, opened fire. The cars that appeared on the private video feed headed away before and then back in the direction of the shooting.

Police learned the group was in that particular location to target Jose David Lopez, the deceased boy, though the motive remains unclear. Forensics recovered about 20 shell casings from the scene. The teens, Octavio Lopez, Nyang Chamdual, Manuel Buezo, Romero Perdomo, Alex Perdomo and Henry Valladares-Amaya, have been arrested and each face one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

The deceased shooting victim, Jose David Lopez, did not go to the school. However, both girls were students there. A police spokesperson stressed that while the shooting happened in front of a school, it was not a “school shooting.”

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