Doctor Pulls Off Incredible Achievement

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( – Dr. Gladys McGarey is not your regular consulting doctor from Scottsdale, Arizona, as her years of experience set her apart from many others. The 102-year-old doctor is a physician and holistic medicine pioneer who is still practicing her medicine despite her age. In a recent interview with, she shared many of her tips about living a happy and long life.

McGarey, who recently released a book titled “The Well-Lived Life: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age,” shared many of her previous life experiences. As she shared, she is a cancer survivor, lived to see her daughter die, and even got divorced when she was almost 70 years old. In the book, she described her divorce as one of the hardest periods in her life, as her husband left her to be with another woman.

When asked about how people could get over hardships and setbacks similar to the ones she has faced, McGarey has stated that it is all a matter of choice. Choosing whether you want to stick in the pain and hurt is a big part of the problem. As she stated, she always chose to not stay stuck on the hurt and added that at some point it is not worth wasting your energy, as you could instead be focusing on something creative.

Following her divorce, McGarey started her new holistic medical practice alongside her daughter. As she noted, this experience helped define her as both a practitioner and woman. Following that, she wrote her ex-husband a letter thanking him for giving her the freedom that allowed her to truly discover her voice.

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