Doctor Walks Patient Down the Aisle

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Doctor Walks Patient Down the Aisle

Jessica Davis was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a freshman in college. It was this diagnosis that led to her meeting Dr. Alex Yu, a neurosurgeon. Yu was quick to help her decide on the required course of action and help ease her mind regarding the tumor and the surgery that would need to be performed. Davis said that she has always felt comfortable with Yu because of how calm his demeanor is. In the past eight years outside of updates on her brain, Davis had frequently talked to Yu about school and life in general, often seeking advice from him.

This is why in April 2022, while planning her wedding, she quickly realized that there was only one person she would like to have walk her down the aisle.

Yu, the vice chair of neurosurgery at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, has said that it is a great honor to be asked to do this for someone who truly values you. He also added that he would carefully guide her down the aisle as Davis has some vision problems caused by the brain tumor.

While in college, Davis had struggled to see the board and had thought the problem would be her needing a stronger prescription. It was the eye doctor who said that she should visit a specialist and get an MRI. That MRI showed the tumor, a grade two meningioma, a benign noncancerous brain tumor that had been formed in her brain.

Davis then met Yu who was able to give her clear detailed information about the surgery. Yu was also quick to point out how the tumor was affecting her vision.

Davis’s dad passed away in 2009 from ALS. During the treatment period, Davis had often joked about Yu walking her down the aisle, which her doctor ended up doing.

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