Dog Buries What In Owners Yard?

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

A new dog video has received more than 159,000 views on TikTok. The clip was originally shared by Sophie (@imsophieogrady) and it shows her dog digging for a “treasure” in a public park in Ireland.

According to veterinarians Dr. Ryan Llera and Dr. Lynn Buzhardt dogs always tend to hide their valuables, including food. This is a big part of their survival as safeguarding would allow dogs in the wild to eat fresh meat until full and then store the rest of their meat for later.

The two have also added that most domestic dogs will not fear not having enough food as their owners will regularly feed them, but that doesn’t mean that their need for burying their valuables is no longer relevant or present.

The message on the TikTok video notably said “My dog buried treasure, let’s see what it is,” the video then cuts to a clip of the base of the small tree where the treasure in question had been buried by the dog.

Apparently, the impressive treasure was a slice of a picture which the dog tried to get back from the owner after she unburied it.

According to Veterinarians Llera and Buzhardt one of the benefits of buried food for canines is that the meat is often marinated by the organic content of the earth. As such the taste is slightly altered, often for the better. This is something Sophie also referred to in the comments of her video saying that the slice of pizza was clearly marinating.


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