Dog Jumps For Joy After Owner Walks Again

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Dog Jumps For Joy After Owner Walks Again

A mobility-service dog named Piper became the newest online trend after a video of him watching his owner walk for the first time in years went viral.

The clip, which was originally shared in August, depicts the celebration of the dog’s birthday. In the video, Piper can be seen jumping around and being excited after seeing his owner walk for the first time.

Cienna, Piper’s owner, is affected by hypokalemic periodic paralysis, which can cause her to have intense muscle weakness. While most episodes caused by this disease are temporary, many can get these incidents daily, weekly, monthly, or more rarely. Therefore, their ability to move can vary greatly.

In the video, Cienna, who is usually unable to walk, can be seen walking in front of her service dog Piper for the first time. The video has amassed over 700,000 likes since it was originally posted.

In the post, Cienna also talks about how much Piper has been a part of her life, and how he has assisted her through many different adventures as she learned to navigate her disease.

Piper is excited throughout the clip, but remains cautious around his “human mom “as he wants to ensure that she is safe.


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