Dog Saves Man’s Life in Shocking Way, Police Stunned

Photo by Dominik Jirovský on Unsplash

( – Baker County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon posted on June 3 on Facebook the story of a loyal dog who helped guide them to the scene of a car crash where the owner had been injured. Officials had received reports of the vehicle that had crashed on Monday morning. 

The party that reported the crash had explained that Brandon Garrett, his brother, had not managed to get to his camp the previous afternoon. His family members had found his vehicle on U.S. Forest Service Road 39 but due to the terrain had not been able to reach him. Officials continued by pointing out that one of the man’s dogs had traveled close to four miles in order to reach the campsite and let the party know that something had gone wrong. 

Authorities employed a high-line rope system in order to help rescue the victim from the flipped truck that was on a rocky creek. The post stated that after the team was able to reach the man they had managed to carefully load him in a rescue basket. 

The sheriff’s office pointed out that he had been connected to a highline rope system and had been pulled across the ravine. From there a group of medical personnel and SAR members had transferred him. A Halfway Ambulance had taken him to the Life Flight helicopter which then transported him to a regional hospital. 

According to an investigation Garrett had been in the car with his four dogs but had fallen off the embankment after failing to take a turn. In the Facebook post, it was noted that Garrett had been able to crawl out of his car, and a hundred yards away where he spent the night. His family and friends had continued to search for him and had managed to find his car on June 3rd

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