Dog Saves Woman’s Life in Incredible Way

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Dog Saves Woman’s Life in Incredible Way

An Indiana woman with epilepsy says that her dog’s natural instincts have been perfect for protecting her from seizures. Tina Stikeleather, 44, has said that her dog, a German Shepherd named Max, knows that when she is about to fall, he needs to get under her arm to help lower her down. She has also claimed that this is not something she had taught him but rather, something he instinctively knew how to do.

Stikeleather has also caught one of these incidents on camera accidentally. During one of the times when she was recording a TikTok video about training exercises for Max, she started having a seizure in her kitchen. Max climbs onto the sink near her to warn her of the upcoming seizure.

As she noted, she was telling Max to get down, but he was not responding to her, which was what made her realize that something was wrong and a seizure was coming. By helping her know of the seizure, Stikeleather can be more prepared and can avoid getting injured due to a fall.

She has also noted how observant Max is, as he will often watch her closely and then decide on whether she is in danger or not. This is something that he naturally does as he has never received training for it, instead, he is just very intuitive.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, dogs can be trained to warn their owners or other family members of upcoming seizures. This can be a great form of protection as it will allow the owner to prepare and avoid potential injury.

Amazing Tails, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit focused on dog training, has also said that people are becoming more and more familiar with the idea that a dog can help them detect a possible seizure.

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