Dog With Just Weeks To Live Finds a 2nd Chance

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

( – A woman, Chandler Perry, had first seen Ben, a Labrador Rhodesian ridgeback mix, at the shelter in March 2019. Within a few weeks, she had managed to get the dog, who at the time was a shell of himself, to her home. 

Perry had shared that originally she had thought that he was a “kind of weird” dog as he was underweight by 30 pounds and had not been eating. He also had a big head, was tall, and had a very slim body. 

The local Labrador rescue center had been calling for someone to foster Ben and give him a final forever home. Perry, who had responded to the email, had been told that he only had three weeks to live as he had a mass on his spleen that would need to be surgically treated in order to stop growing. However, the dog was not healthy enough to be able to undergo the procedure to have the mass removed. 

Perry had agreed to take Ben in and give him a home where he could die with dignity. In part, that decision had been made because she had recently lost her own Labrador Killa and she was heartbroken and in need of weaning off owning a dog. She added that in hindsight, she could see that fostering a dying dog was probably a bad idea. 

However, when she took Ben home she noticed how after some time he had started to change his behavior. As she recalled, it was as if he had known that he was home and he was sprinting all around the house. 

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