Dr. Oz’s Past of Targeting Second Amendment Rights Exposed

Dr. Oz's Past of Targeting Second Amendment Rights Exposed

(FeaturedNews.com) – Dr. Mehmet Oz declared his candidacy for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, promising that he staunchly supports the Second Amendment. However, a blog with the doctor’s byline shows something else. That, along with words the host spoke on his own show, has some Conservatives calling Oz a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

The controversy began when people found several columns on a blog co-owned by Dr. Oz that were shockingly different from his public statements and persona. According to Fox News, the columns in question appeared between 2017 and 2019, voicing support for gun control legislation, New Zealand-style buy-back programs, red flag laws, and assault rifle bans.

Oz’s partner on the blog, Dr. Michael Roizen, said the views expressed are his and his alone and that Dr. Oz hasn’t been an active part of the blog since he went his own way to do his TV show. Roizen claims he should have clarified that in the blog or removed Dr. Oz’s name altogether.

Dave McCormick, a Republican running against Oz in the Pennsylvania primary, said Oz is absolutely anti-Second Amendment and that there’s plenty of proof out there for anyone to see. McCormick referenced a portion of one of Oz’s shows in which he stated his support for red flag laws that could restrict the gun rights of law-abiding US citizens.

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