Elderly Man Dead After Being Sucker Punched by Wendy’s Employee

Elderly Man Dead After Being Sucker Punched by Wendy's Employee

Fast-Food ATTACK Results in Tragic Death

(FeaturedNews.com) – A trip to get some fast food recently ended tragically for one unsuspecting Arizona customer. On July 26, a Wendy’s worker reportedly sucker punched an unnamed 67-year-old man, causing serious injuries that led to the victim’s death. The incident appears to have resulted from the older gentleman complaining about his order.

The Prescott Valley Police Department issued a media release detailing the tragic incident at the Wendy’s on Glassford Hill Road. An employee, 35-year-old Antoine Kendrick, hit an elderly customer in the head, causing the man to collapse. The victim sustained further injury when his skull impacted the floor. He fell unconscious and died from his injuries on August 5.

Security video from inside the restaurant shows the older man bending over the counter and complaining about his food order. Suddenly, Kendrick walked around the service desk and assaulted the elderly gentleman, seemingly without further provocation. The attack happened so quickly that it appeared the customer didn’t have a chance to defend himself.

Authorities initially charged Kendrick with aggravated assault, but prosecutors upgraded the charges to second-degree murder upon the victim’s death. The food service worker remains in the custody of the PV Police, pending further action by the court.

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