Elderly Woman Forced To Quarantine Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Elderly Woman Forced To Quarantine Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Old Woman Ordered to ISOLATE – But She’s Fully Vaccinated

(FeaturedNews.com) – On July 19, Joanne Walsh tried to enter Canada at Niagara Falls after visiting the United States, but because she failed to use the mandatory ArriveCAN app, border agents ordered a 14-day quarantine. The 71-year-old had all the necessary records to show citizenship and prove her status as fully vaccinated, but the traveler still couldn’t avoid a lockdown due to government policies.

Canada’s federal website advises that anyone who wishes to enter the country must use the app. Officials explain the rule keeps people safe and modernizes travel across the border. The page notes that non-compliance can lead to fines, refusal of admittance, quarantine mandates, and delays. The only exception is for accessibility issues, but users with limits or special needs must have a family member or friend use the online version of the program to submit the required information on their behalf.

Pierre Poilievre, a conservative member of Parliament, responded to the story on Twitter, calling the requirement “lunacy.”

The delayed senior said she refused to comply out of solidarity with those who don’t have cell phones, Internet, or the ability to use the app. Walsh expressed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policy discriminates against older Canadians.

When the Ontario resident asked agents what would result from not following the quarantine order, the officials said Public Health personnel could send police to watch over her. Walsh had expected some punishment for refusing to use the app but never expected a lockdown. Still, the 71-year-old continues to stand up for what she believes is right and has no regrets about the situation.

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