Entire County’s Election Staff Resigns

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(FeaturedNews.com) – In Virginia, the former registrar, Lindsey Taylor, loved her job of running elections. When she was first hired in 2019, she had known that her predecessor had stayed at the job for three decades and she had hoped to do the same. She loved all aspects of the job, from her staff to coordinating volunteer poll workers, and she enjoyed the detail-oriented work.

In 2020, she implemented a number of new laws as she was running for the election during the pandemic. Many were particularly impressed with Buckingham County and its community, but that was before the allegations about voter fraud began.

In January, the Buckingham County Electoral Board came under the oversight and control of the GOP, with many local Republicans starting to push the unfounded claims of voter fraud which Taylor found surprising. The board made it clear that they wanted her to leave her position.

Only days after leaving the office for the last time, Taylor revealed that supposedly people were saying that they had heard rumors about her and that she was going to be indicted by the attorney general. The pressure of all of these rumors became too much and three weeks ago, Taylor and two of her part-time staffers decided to resign from their position. The deputy registrar had similarly quit earlier this year in February for the same reason.

The four departures mean that the registrar’s office is no longer functional and people have been left without a way to vote or certify candidate paperwork.

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