Even the White House Has a Problem with Omar’s Latest Bill

(FeaturedNews) – Joe Biden tends to be one of Ilhan Omar’s biggest supporters, but this time even he isn’t backing her latest move. The White House and the State Department aren’t buying the practicality of Omar’s most recent attempt at addressing Islamophobia in the United States and around the world.

Good Intentions, Poor Execution

Citing concerns surrounding the treatment of Muslims in America, particularly in Minnesota, Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced a highly controversial bill that aims to significantly change how the State Department handles human rights, international religious liberty, and similar issues. If passed, the bill would require the State Department to create a new office and special envoy that are completely devoted to handling issues Omar considers to be Islamophobia. Although the general consensus among Democrats is that Omar’s proposal comes with good intentions, many also agree that the bill is filled with problems that make it impractical to implement in its current form.

White House Among Democrats Identifying Problems With Omar’s Bill

Republican Study Committee communications director Mitch Hailstone pointed out the fact that several other offices already address Omar’s concerns, making the idea of creating a new office specifically for her purposes redundant. The State Department itself spoke against the bill, asking for any possible mandate to create Omar’s proposed position to be removed. Even the White House asked for substantial flexibility surrounding how and even if this office should be created, implying that even one of Omar’s typical supporters does not quite believe her latest bill is a good idea.

Although the highest-ranking Democrats aren’t standing with Ilhan Omar this time, House Democrats once again voted along party lines to pass the bill on Tuesday. It will now be sent to the Senate, where it is unlikely to pass. Even if the bill were to be approved by the Senate, it would need to be signed into law by Joe Biden, who has made it clear that he does not support doing so in its current form.

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